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Georgia stands with Ukraine

Georgia considers Russia’s unprovoked full-scale military aggression against Ukraine as a clear and blatant violation of fundamental principles and norms of international law, posing a challenge to the whole European security architecture like never before.

Since the beginning of the war, Georgia has demonstrated solidarity towards Ukraine via strong political and diplomatic steps both at bilateral and multilateral level. At international organisations, Georgia has co-sponsored and supported all the decisions and resolutions condemning Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, including within the UN General Assembly, the UN Human Rights Council, the OSCE and the Council of Europe. Moreover, Georgia was among the 39 countries who referred to the International Criminal Court to launch an investigation into war crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine.

Furthermore, the government of Georgia has been providing humanitarian assistance to Ukraine, while at the same time extending support to the Ukrainian refugees in Georgia (including opportunities to the refugee children to get secondary education in the Ukrainian language). So far, the humanitarian cargo with the volume of around 400 tons has been sent to various cities of Ukraine. The diplomatic representations of Georgia continue to operate in Kyiv, Odessa and Lviv to assist those in need.

Georgia stands shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine and best understands the human tragedy the Ukrainian friends are suffering in these difficult days: Georgia was the first to experience the full-scale Russian military aggression in 2008. Russia continues occupation of 20% of Georgia’s territory. Following the war Georgia has cut off the diplomatic relations with Russia and has not restored them since then.

Georgia’s stance towards sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine as well as the commitment to continue the support in political and humanitarian terms remain firm and irreversible.

Georgian Embassy in Tallinn