Public Events

Public events are held for Estonian citizens and does not have a specific target group. For these events, we expect to participate families, elderly people, children etc. The purpose of these events are to introduce NATO, Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association and national defence as a whole for citizens.

Here are our some of our public events. Take a look:

Opinion Festival

The Opinion Festival is a meeting place for all layers of society, giving a platform for different worldviews. Its mission is to improve debate culture and civic education. The Festival is free of charge and open to everyone in Estonia and beyond who would like to discuss and tackle issues that matter for all of us. 

EATA has been visible at the Opinion Festival since the year 2015 until this day.

Opinion festival 2016 


NATO´s Day celebrations
NATO’s day celebrations at the Seaplane Harbour 2014


Summer tour
Summer tour 2015


Book introduction tour
Book introducing tour 2014