Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association (EATA) is a non-governmental organization, representing NATO values and raising awareness of security and defence questions among citizens of Estonia. 

EATA is established in 2001. It has become a stable and respected platform for discussion on foreign and security policy, international relations and security issues. Projects and activities of EATA are a testament not only to a high level of the contributions of our experts, but also to extensive international partnership and long-term sustainability of its efforts. EATA has a lot of projects every year to inform Estonian people mainly about NATO and security policy. Our activities include seminars, forums, conferences, round-tables, workshops, movie nights, panel discussions etc for professionals, high school students, university students, teachers, volunteers and also for government workers or regular citizens.

EATA documents are available in Estonian. Our constitution can be found here. Development plan for the years 2013-2018 is available here. Annual reports are all uploaded here