Opinion festival 2016

Opinion festival (Arvamusfestival) 2016

Opinion festival is held on 12th-13th August at Vallimäe, Paide

Opinion festival is a meeting point for different policies and to bring together whole society. It’s aim is to develop opinion culture and civil education. This festival welcomes all active people from Estonia and from other places to discuss together on important topics. We are waiting for all who wish to participate and are interested with festival’s wide-ranged and enticing program. For visitors the Opinion festival is for free charge.

Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association participates in two areas: Security area and Migration area. The panels organised by EATA will be 12.08 12.00-13.20, 15.00-16.15 and 16.30-17.45 at Security area and 13.08 12.00-13.00 at Migration area.

Panels held by EATA at Security area:

Friday 12.08

12:00-13:15 „Is the war coming or not?“ Moderator Elina Seppet (Ministry of Defence), panelists: Jüri Luik (International Centre for Defence and Security), Marko Mihkelson (Estonian Parliament’s Chairman of the National Defence Commission), Kyllike Sillaste-Elling (Ministry of Foreign Affairs Undersecretary of Political Affairs Directorate), Riho Terras (Head of the Estonian Defence Forces).

A short introduction of the panel – This panel focuses on the changes in our security situation and how these changes affect Estonia and its residents. The discussion will be about the scare factor in security policy and the main question that will be rise is could we affect our sense of danger and decrease our fear by raising military power. Is fear and getting use to it our new reality? If so, what is the importance of the deterrence for Estonian people?

Organising institutions: EATA and SA International Centre for Defence and Security.

15:00-16:15 „The sky is falling down!? The aim and effect of talking about security and threats“. Moderator Igor Kopõtin (Estonian National Defence College), panelists: Evelyn Kaldoja (Postimees), Erkki Koort (Ministry of the Interior), Agu Uudelepp (ERR, EBS), Maarja Punak (Police and Border Guard Board). In addition representative from the Estonian Defence Forces).

A short introduction of the panel – Trying to find answers for several questions about security and fear, including how to talk about security threats in such manner that people wouldn’t feel just scared. The aim is to make people understand the need to be prepared for future crises. How open-minded should the country be? How to forward information in the media? How to discuss security topics with your relatives?

Organising institutions – Republic of Estonia Government Office, EATA.

16:30-17:45 „Why wants a young men from Ida-Viru make Estonia a safer place?“ Moderator Tarmo Anton (Head of the Rescue Agency’s Ida-Virumaa rescue region), panelists: captain Vladimir Kolotõgin (Estonian Defence Forces first infantry brigade staff officer), Kirill Šavkun (cadet of the Estonian National Defence College), Ilja Bõkov (Estonian Defence League), Mark Leppik (inspector of the Jõhvi police station), Nikita Pavlov (rescuer of the Jõhvi rescue department).

A short introduction of the panel – Estonia’s security depends knowingly on residents will of defence and on the contribution of every citizen. Is this thought also shared by our Russian residents? Whether and who should be shaping the attitudes about national defence amongst young Russians who are living in Estonia? What exactly are the youth from Ida-Virumaa ready to protect? Whether and how are the outspoke of extremists in the media affecting national defence and security of Estonia.

Organising institutions – Sinu Riigi Kaitse, EATA.

Panels held by EATA at Migration area:

Saturday 13.08

12:00-13:00 „Why are they coming fighting in our front yard?“ Moderator Mart Nutt (Member of the Parliament), panelists: Hanno Pevkur (Minister of the Interior), Uku Särekanno, Anni Säär (Estonian Human Rights Centre, legal expert).

A short introduction of the panel – The migration crisis and refugee problem that are distributed and reflected in the mass media increases more and more the overall hatred and fear of difference in the society. A large part of society has started to call refugees as a major threat to Estonia’s security thanks to the reflection of the media. What is really going on and what are the threats that are skulking us because of the migration crisis?

The full program of the Arvamusfestival 2016: