Movie Nights

The main aim of the events is to use the movies to provoke discussion on the topics and follow them with a high-level discussion on the same topic for which the movies have given thorough information and different points of view. In this unique way we can reach audience (decision makers and opinion leaders) and discuss on conflicts that have changed the world and their possible impact in the future as well as what can be done to avoid and better solve conflicts to minimize the damage they are producing. Our aim is also to bring together opinion leaders that do not cooperate in their everyday work and therefore evoke a more thorough discussion on the topic.

The target group consisted of students, public sector representatives, university staff, high-profile parliament members, ambassadors residing in Estonia and Estonian Atlantic Treaty Association’s members. The aim is to reach approx. 140 people after two events.

In general, the movie night takes place every year usually in November-December.

In 2018, the movie-discussion night was held on 10 years since Russian-Georgian conflict.

In 2022, the movie-discussion night was held on Ukraine.