NATO-EU Roundtable

The event will bring together more than 50 students who will discuss important topics related to the work and cooperation of NATO and the EU. The goal of the event is to increase the knowledge of young people in foreign and security policy and to discuss the working principles of NATO. Participants will be divided into four groups depending on their personal experience and choice in the application form.


In 2017, the event took place in the Parliament of Estonia and in Saka Manor. The event was organised together with NATO Headquarters, Estonian MoD, MFA and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. There were over 100 participants from nearly 30 different countries, including ambassadors, experts, students and academics. The first day was held in Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia). HERE you can read a conclusion of the panel discussions or watch VIDEO of the discussions. Next two days were held in Saka Manor and was for 54 young experts to participate in NATO work simulation.