German contribution towards the Baltics

What is your vision for Nordic-Baltic security?

My version for Nordic-Baltic security is, on the one hand, the timely admission of Sweden into NATO. On the other hand, it is important to develop a common understanding of the necessary measures to secure the Nordic-Baltic region. This applies to all areas, land, air, sea and cyber. I see the need, for example, to establish a maritime regional command that coordinates security efforts on the Baltic Sea and leads them from a single source.

What contribution does Germany make to the defense area in the Baltics?

Germany is actively trying to contribute its strengths and capabilities at all of the levels mentioned above. One example of the willingness to take responsibility is the participation of the German Air Force in Air Policing Baltic. Here we are the nation with the most participation periods and also at any time at short notice, like this month in support of our Spanish comrades, to make our contribution. Even if we cannot send Eurofighters to Estonia next year due to the necessary repair work in Ämari, we will still station around 150 soldiers in Estonia who will support the German detachment in Latvia in various areas and thus ensure the security of the Baltic airspace will contribute . Another example of the dedication to protect the alliance and its people will be the permanently deployed German Brigade in Lithuania, as announced on 26 June this year by our defense minister. It will be a tier 1, fully warfighting-capable brigade. This means, the brigade will be in a high readiness state, able to fight and defend within only a couple of days, once a crisis arises. The German Defense Minister has indicated to the NATO Secretary General that the naval command in Rostock is ready to take over the tasks of a maritime regional command if NATO wishes.



Defence Attaché, Embassy of Germany

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