Estonia contributes humanitarian aid, not troops, to Libya.

qadhafi_P8jSN_19672Timeline on Estonia and Libya:

21.02.11: Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and other EU foreign ministers demand an end to violence, which had at that point killed 300.

26.02.11: Estonia supports implementation of sanctions against the Qadhafi regime and calls for the evacuation of EU citizens from Libya.

27.02.11: Paet announces that Estonia has donated 50,000 Euros to Libyan crisis victims via the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The ICRC has launched an appeal for approximately 18.5 million Euros to help provide medical care to victims.

02.03.11: Estonia co-presents a UN resolution to suspend Libya’s membership in the UN Human Rights Council.

10-11.03.11: EU foreign ministers meet in Brussels to discuss a resolution on Libya. They discuss a no-fly zone, impose further sanctions and an arms embargo, and demand Qadhafi step down. (See also: Council of the European Union)

17.03.11: The UN approves a no-fly zone over Libya.

18.03.11: Paet tells Estonian Public Broadcasting that Estonia presently has no plans to participate in the military action against Qadhafi. However, he emphasized that Estonia is prepared to participate in EU or NATO missions if needed.

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