Between Estonia and Switzerland: Harbors in the Middle of the Tempest

Author: Nicola Simoneschi

Manager, Lugano Business Group, Lugano (Switzerland)

I was traveling in Estonia the first time in the Year 2011 and I have discovered, with surprise, that this Baltic Country is as large 45,000 Km2 as my Country, Switzerland. The rich Nature formed by Land and Lakes make both Countries very bucolic, ecologic and eco friendly.

Walking in the old and medieval Town of Tallinn is like to be in Bern or Zurich and you feel secure and comfortable as in a “safe Harbor” in the centre of the Universe, or better, in the Centre of a free and active Hanseatic City!

The History remembers us how also Switzerland was building his freedom during the Middle Ages up to the XIX Century through an economical and financial independency and stability. This is also the secret of Estonia, a Country that is doing great: I just learn that in the last ten Years Estonia was committed with big investments in Technology, E-Government, Logistic and Infrastructures without be over indebted. In the fact, both Economies are doing well: the GDP is growing faster than in Euro Zone and the unemployment is still lower than in Europe.

In this Period of big financial storms (from September 2008, the Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers), both Countries have improved their strength in order to protect the citizen and the Countries from a dangerous decline of the Purchasing power of the Middle Class with positive and pragmatic spirit but also with a strong control of the Public expenses and relative debt.

Without any doubts, a certain degree of inspired liberalism and tax incentives attract important investors and international Players with the result of a certain and durable Growth of the real Economy, in particular the investments, the salaries and finally the GDP.

That was the key of the success of Switzerland jointly with a strong commitment in Education, Innovation, Creativity and Development of high Level of services. The development of the Tourism with selected investments and targeted marketing is the only way to open the door of the “right People in right place” trend!

From my Perspective, I believe that Estonia will grow in the next Years becoming the Centre of the Baltic. See as example of small but efficient Country with a sustainable way of Life based on freedom, strong economy and cultural and historical commitment. I also think that Estonia still remain a Country to discover and, for this reason, I suggest a more active relationship with South of Europe, specially with Switzerland and Ticino.

To conclude with a sincere wish: Estonia: may be in the near future the “Switzerland” of the Baltic ‘s! Let’s think it! Let’s do it!
/Published with the permission of the author.